Tiger selfies are cruel

Tourist attractions offering selfies with tigers are just one of the many types of cruel wildlife entertainment venues.Tigers are chained, kept in small barren cages and mishandled hundreds of times a day

Sadly, this cruel practice is growing. Our new report ‘Tiger selfies exposed: a portrait of Thailand’s tiger entertainment industry’, reveals increasing numbers of tigers being chained and caged as props for tourist photos. There are now over 800 - a rise of over 200 in just a few years.  

Out of the 17 tiger entertainment venues we investigated, Sriracha Tiger Zoo was the one that stood out most. Not only did it have the highest number of captive tigers, it’s also where we observed the poorest conditions. With more than one million Indian tourists visiting Thailand every year, with wildlife entertainment venues a popular destination for them: the people of India can make a big difference for tigers, by not supporting the cruel industry.

Last year, the University of Oxford reviewed 188 wildlife venues featured on TripAdvisor and found that 75% of the different types of attractions involve wildlife cruelty. 

If you believe wildlife belongs in the wild, please add your voice and take the pledge today.

Stop the cruelty!

I take the pledge that I will not visit any venue which uses tigers or other wild animals for entertainment.

Tiger selfies exposed

The new World Animal Protection report, ‘Tiger selfies exposed’ is available to download now. Get your copy here!

Images: World Animal Protection



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