This is cruelty, we can end this!

Animals have a right to live free from pain and suffering. An estimated 50 million dairy animals suffer every day in India and a significant number of these suffer the worst cruelty as they live in unacceptable conditions in these urban and peri-urban dairies. They are forced to live in unacceptable conditions; with untreated wounds, surrounded by faeces and urine, tied-up 24/7 with no room to move or roam.

Committed to ending cruelty

Change starts with the companies that supply and most importantly source milk – they could be your daily milk supplier. Following the efforts of World Animal Protection, six dairy companies have committed to responsible sourcing and providing a better life to the dairy animals in their supply chain.

These companies have committed to:

  • Not sourcing from urban and peri-urban dairies by 2020
  • Implementing the minimum dairy welfare requirements for all animals in their supply chain by 2025:
  1. 24-hour access to clean water and good quality feed
  2. Access to shade, shelter and comfortable bedding
  3. Loose housing (access to an outdoor area and no permanent tethering)
  4. First milk (colostrum) to all calves and health care for all animals, including pain relief for painful procedures
  5. Good animal handling and a plan to prevent abandonment for unwanted animals
  • Providing information in their Annual Reports and charting their annual progress in implementing these commitments.

Retail Support

The retail outlets: Indian Coffee House, Jabalpur, and Delhi and Lansdowne Trip Travel Cafe want to work with World Animal Protection and end the cruelty faced by dairy animals. They have pledged to support the Better Dairy Campaign and joined the cause of ending the everyday suffering of dairy animals.

Your continuous support is needed to end the suffering of these dairy animals. After you sign the petition, we urge you to share it with your friends and family members. Tell them about the suffering of these animals. Let us demand the end of cruelty towards dairy animals. Tell them what is really in their milk. #Whatisinyourmilk

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I don't support cruelty to dairy animals in my city. I ask companies to commit to not sourcing milk from urban and peri-urban dairies.

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