Better Lives for Dogs

Dogs have evolved to live alongside us over thousands of years, making them our oldest and best friends

Our relationship with dogs is special - let's celebrate it

They touch all our lives

Dogs mean so many things to so many people. They can be anything from playmate and helper to worker and protector, and everything in between. 

Over our thousands of years of friendship, we've evolved to need, care and respect each other. But sometimes, particularly when it comes to dogs that freely roam the streets, people can forget that. These dogs are often seen as pests which pose a danger to their communities.

We want to change all that.

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Why are dogs in jeopardy?



Protecting and caring for dogs is the only way to stop rabies



Around the world, dogs keep us company and protect us, but this precious relationship is under threat.

Together we can move the world to protect dogs

Unnecessary culling

Every year, 10 million dogs are poisoned, stoned and electrocuted to death, in an attempt to stop the spread of rabies, which kills 59,000 people each year. 

Culling dogs does not stop the spread of rabies.

This is not a humane or responsible way to manage dog populations. The best way to protect dogs and people is to vaccinate them.

Vaccinated dogs are super dogs

Once dogs are vaccinated, they become a powerful barrier between communities and this terrible disease:

  • Vaccinated dogs slow the overall rate of infections
  • Vaccinating dogs protects many people, while vaccinating a person only protects that individual
  • By vaccinating 70% of the roaming dog population, we can eliminate rabies.

We've achieved amazing things for dogs

Thanks to our supporters, we've been able to help dogs all over the world. Here's just some of what we've accomplished:

  • We've vaccinated 1.6 millions dogs against rabies since 2013
  • We have vaccinated 70% of dogs in Makueni county, Kenya, so far, which is the amount needed to eliminate rabies
  • We run successful education programmes in Brazil and China
  • Our Red Collar campaign proved that vaccination is the most effective approach to prevent rabies

There's still a lot of work to do

Millions of dogs are still suffering all over world. We need your support to create better lives for them all.

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Ask for Better lives for dogs in India

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