Harsha Doriya

Senior Campaign Officer for Animals in Farming
Campaign Officer for Animals in Farming

Hi, I am Harsha Doriya, Senior Campaign Officer for Animals in Farming, World Animal Protection, India

She has been working for animals in every possible manner related to animal conservation, animal protection and joined World Animal Protection to move the world towards Animal Welfare. She works with Government, Public Institutions and various animal organisations to build a better world for farm animals. She writes poetry and stories about social causes like human trafficking, animals in captivity, mental health etc.


Macaques, bats, and civets at a market in Jakarta, Indonesia. Photographer: Aaron Gekoski

No Planet B

Posted on 05/06/2020 by Harsha Doriya

World Environment Day was first celebrated in the year of 1974 in Spokane, USA with the theme of “only one earth” which means there is no planet B and we need...

Earth day 2020

Breathing Earth

Posted on 22/04/2020 by Harsha Doriya

The Earth is for all. From microorganisms to the largest species to the dominating Human species, the earth is for all. All the organisms live here and share...