Harsha Doriya

Campaign Officer for Animals in Farming
Campaign Officer for Animals in Farming

Hi, I am Harsha Doriya, Campaign Officer for Animals in Farming, World Animal Protection, India

My primary role is to make sure that the dairy animals get the five basic freedoms and help in improving the welfare conditions for dairy animals. I am proud that I am working in an area I always wanted to – for animals. Though it is a minimal approach in the world of animal welfare, I am proud to say that I am working for animals in any manner I can. I love reading articles related to animals. I do enjoy writing poetry at times. 

Macaques, bats, and civets at a market in Jakarta, Indonesia. Photographer: Aaron Gekoski

No Planet B

Posted on 05/06/2020 by Harsha Doriya

World Environment Day was first celebrated in the year of 1974 in Spokane, USA with the theme of “only one earth” which means there is no planet B and we need...

Earth day 2020

Breathing Earth

Posted on 22/04/2020 by Harsha Doriya

The Earth is for all. From microorganisms to the largest species to the dominating Human species, the earth is for all. All the organisms live here and share...