Animal welfare: for schools

Around the world, our animal education programme is teaching children aged 5-16 to respect animals and prevent suffering.

Support for teachers

For more than 15 years, we’ve trained teachers to inspire young people to care for animals. In countries from Mexico to Thailand to Uganda, we produce high-quality teaching resources in a range of languages, and train teachers to use them. We call it ‘First Concepts in Animal Welfare’ – and demand is growing fast.

Animal welfare education materials were hard to find in many places – so now we produce them ourselves.

Animal education: our solution

Our materials teach students that animals matter – and that we have a shared responsibility to prevent suffering.

We develop materials for:

  • students aged 5-16
  • adults with lower literacy levels
  • people who already care for animals.

And we work with governments to:

  • train teachers
  • provide materials
  • ensure animal welfare features throughout the curriculum.

Visit Animal Mosaic to learn more about education and animal welfare.

Two teachers participate in a Teacher Training workshop in Delhi, India.

Tell the world:

Animal education: in numbers

Over 7 million children in Ugandan Primary Schools to discover animal welfare because of our lobbying work to change the national curriculum

5 endorsements by UNESCO for our education work.

In 2013 alone, we trained teachers to lead animal welfare education in Vietnam, Thailand, India, and Mexico.