Animals in communities

Animals play a vital role in communities worldwide – and we move the world every day to protect them

Dogs in Jaisalmer
Find out how you can care for your dogs
Stray dogs in Jaisalmer, India
Learn more about dogs behaviour
Stray dogs in Jaiselmer
Find out how to keep dogs happy and healthy
Download our guide and learn how to avoid dog bites and live in harmony with dogs in your community.
Stray dog population management
Humane alternatives to dog culling don't only exist–they are the most effective way to manage dog populations.
End inhumane culling: Learn about our work to stop dogs being killed.
Lets end the inhumane culling of millions of dogs each year–mass dog vaccination is the only proven solution to rabies.
Protecting working animals
Through our work in Israel and the West Bank, we improve the lives of working animals–for good.