Stray dog population management

Humane alternatives to dog culling don’t only exist – they’re the most effective way to manage dog populations.

Three decades of experience

We’ve been advising governments on humane dog population management for 30 years. And while we know there are risks from stray dog populations – diseases, aggressive behaviour, damage to livestock – we also know that culling is never an answer. In fact, the misconception that culling is the most effective way of reducing dog populations causes enormous suffering.

Our solution

We follow the ICAM dog population management methodology . It’s a full cycle of action, which we use to help governments control dog populations humanely. The solutions we reach together can involve educating owners, legislation, dog registration, vaccination, sterilisation, rehoming – or a combination of some or all of these. We help governments to monitor and evaluate progress too, ensuring we create humane change that lasts.

Tell the world:

Responsible dog ownership

We promote responsible dog ownership worldwide, stopping dogs from being abused and abandoned. By working in countries where dog culling is a big problem – pushing for better dog population management – we reduce conflicts between humans and dogs, and help progress spread.

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