Global animal welfare

The problem

  • Animal cruelty and suffering is a global issue
  • Animals are sentient–they feel pain
  • Animals need to be protected–urgently

The solution

  • A Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare would show a global commitment to making the protection of animals a priority. It would inspire international, regional and national change.
  • It would drive industries that use animals, to protect animals.

What we are doing

  • We are leading a global movement calling for a Declaration
  • Two million people have already added their voice
  • 330 animal groups and 46 governments are on board too

Help make the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare a reality

Together, we can move the world to protect animals, by securing a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare. So please, add your voice to this vital campaign today

Take action

A Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare would protect animal welfare in an incredible range of ways.

  • It would encourage governments to create or improve animal welfare laws.
  • It would persuade businesses to protect animals.
  • It would mobilise animal welfare supporters worldwide.
  • And it would get people talking and thinking about animal welfare.

A Universal Declaration would change the lives of millions of animals–forever, so please add your voice today.

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