Helping communities to protect their animals

We don’t only act when disasters strike. World Animal Protection is working with local communities, so they are fully prepared to protect their animals, their families, and their livelihoods, when the worst happens.

We Champion long term, sustainable solutions for animals, to bring hope to the people whose lives depend on them.

Working with governments, national and local partners, international bodies and NGOs: we are educating, informing and empowering local people, to be fully prepared to protect their animals, when disasters happen.

Our work with communities in disaster management preparedness, includes:

  • Educating and training animal owners on how to care for and protect their animals during and after disasters
  • Developing community emergency plans - that include animals
  • Setting up early warning systems
  • Raising awareness on how to store and protect essential food and water
  • Demonstrating how to safely evacuate animals from danger
  • Building, strengthening and securing animal shelters
  • Running vaccination programmes - to minimise the spread of disease during and after disasters
  • Creating public service announcements - advising local people on how to care for their animals during disasters

With many local people relying on animals for their survival, working together we can help reduce the devastating effect disasters can have on whole communities.

By offering knowledge, expertise and training to care for animals – we are arming communities with the tools to independently protect themselves, their animals, and their livelihoods. So if animals stay safe, and local people can survive, move on and rebuild their lives.

Preparing communities to respond quickly to protect animals in disasters, not only saves lives, but helps to reduce the need for long term aid and assistance.

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