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  India dairies: the problem In India up to 50 million cows are suffering on dairy farms in unacceptable conditions. They suffer painful health problems and
Together we can move the world to protect animals. Find out how you can help stop animal cruelty and support animal protection.
Posted on 16 March 2015
Our disaster response team is on its way to Vanuatu to help animals in need after Cyclone Pam swept through last week.
Posted on 27 March 2015
Our team has completed its initial assessment of animal needs in Vanuatu after treating livestock, cats and dogs on Epi Island – one of the worst hit islands
Posted on 02 March 2015
We have stepped in to respond to a desperate appeal to save two bears kept in horrific conditions at a restaurant in Russia.
We helped to end bear dancing in India–an age old tradition cruelly exploiting bears for entertainment; with cubs poached from the wild and trained to ‘dance’
Millions of people depend on animals. A sustainable future for the planet can only be achieved if both animals and people are part of the solution.
When disasters strike, the impact is devastating for animals and the communities that depend on them. So for more than 50 years, we have helped governments and
Our education courses and materials help students worldwide to understand the importance of animal welfare
We work around the globe to protect and save wild animals–and to keep wild animals in the wild, where they belong.