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Posted on 28 September 2014
We’re working to end the unnecessary deaths of millions of dogs each year, caused by a fear of rabies.
Millions of people depend on animals. A sustainable future for the planet can only be achieved if both animals and people are part of the solution.
Posted on 17 September 2018
With only four vets in the entire country and an overwhelming population of stray dogs, the welfare situation is serious. We're working towards humane
Posted on 11 December 2015
Global inter-governmental organisations have officially launched their framework to end dog-mediated rabies in humans by 2030 using our humane solutions.
Posted on 25 May 2019
A tragic incident in the Philippines is a reminder that this disease is a global issue which we need to solve together
Posted on 17 December 2015
Worldwide experts are agreeing that mass dog vaccination is the only way to eliminate rabies - and this humane solution to protect dogs and people should be a
We move governments worldwide to end inhumane dog culling for rabies control. Find out why mass dog vaccination is the only proven solution to rabies.
Humane alternatives to dog culling are the most effective forms of dog population management. We are working with governments to end cruel practices.
Posted on 20 June 2016
Stray dogs in India suffer repeated abuse, as communities affected by the threat of rabies continue to fear them. World Animal Protection is calling on the