dogs and coronavirus

Abandoning your pets is not the solution-- Take care of your pets!



Owning a dog or a cat isn’t just a choice! It is a blessing for life.

Everything is locked down

Owning a dog or a cat isn’t just a choice! It is a blessing for life, and beyond that, it brings the unconditional love and joy to our lives.

In this wave of COVID-19 outbreak, people throughout the world are working from home. Everyone’s locked down, and thus, a lot of people are facing anxiety due to panic. Though there are several key precautions shared by WHO always to adhere to, we should never ignore the fact that mental peace is also a must in such circumstances. So, if you are a pet owner, you must already know that many pieces of research have shown that pets can boost your immunity by decreasing stress, blood pressure, and anxiety.  

dogs and coronavirus


Being a pet owner is a responsibility as important as that of all parents who look after their children. I am shocked to see people are abandoning their pets out of fear and panic to get the coronavirus. Amid all these baseless rumors, people are ignoring the facts from authentic sources like World Health OrganizationOIE- The World Organisation for Animal Health and International Companion Animal Management Coalition (ICAM) which mentions that till date ‘there is no evidence that your loving pets are a danger to you.’ How would you feel if your parents kick you out of your homes for no valid reason? Most of us can relate to a feeling of losing our dear ones, and that is how these abandoned dogs and cats must be feeling like this. It chokes us when at one point, a person loves you, and just the other moment, they kick you out and hate you.

Don't leave your pets

Don’t leave your pets. They don’t deserve this!

Your pets have always been to your side, and they understand your silence too!

I am just like you all, who being a pet owner, got disturbing calls from my relatives asking about my dog and telling us to maintain distance from him. I know it is hard to make everyone understand in such a panic situation, but I had a quick chat with my dog ‘Scooby’ the other day. So, I am sharing what my pet on behalf of all the pets has to say.



What does the Scooby say?

“It is you humans who keep travelling around!

You were going to work every day and meeting people around!

You are still going out to buy things.

Shouldn’t it be another way around that you humans are a danger to us?

Well, I still don’t mind sharing my home with you, YES! This is my home too. I also play an important role in bringing you all together and spreading happiness.

I never leave you alone, but you often leave me alone at home when you go for parties or work.

But I still love you the most!” says Scooby.


Scooby sitting and coronavirus


Your pets are the happiest to see you home

Well, your pets are the happiest to see you home these days. Don’t let this time go in vain because no one knows what will happen tomorrow. Love your pets, take care of yourself, and these furry babies as well. If you ever come across the thought of abandoning them, just think of that moment when they came into your life, and you bought them up like your children.

So, take sensible precautions instead of abandoning your pets or treating them as untouchables.


What can you do if you don't own a pet?

Also, a gentle request to all those who don’t own a pet:

Please keep some food outside your houses or wherever possible (with all the safety measures) for the strays, preferably in an earthen/clay pot, so that you don’t have to carry the utensil back home and can refill daily. These strays might die of hunger as everything is locked down, and they can even get leftovers from food stalls/ shops.

Spread love, and stay safe!





You can feed stray dogs or animals while taking all the necessary precautions. Recommend people in your community to take care of their stray animals and do not panic.