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That Baby Chick stole my heart



There is an old saying – ‘love can prosper anywhere’, and when we talk about love it includes animals too. World Animal Protection brings to you a heartwarming story of Vinayak Gautam, whose life took a turn for the better, when he saw a video on Youtube on egg incubators. Here is his story.

The eggs hatched into chicks

"Last year I watched a Youtube video to build an Egg incubator at home, it turned out to be a eureka moment for me. Without wasting any time, I went to the market and purchased all the material required to make a Do it Yourself (DIY) incubator at home. The idea to build an incubator was to start a poultry business out of it.

But that was not to be. I got attached to these cute baby chicks and dropped the idea of the poultry business. After 21 days of taking care of these eggs, by providing enough temperature and humidity, it was a surprise for me to hear the first chirping of these baby chicks.

Yes, the eggs hatched into chicks. It was a proud moment for me, when I first saw these cute little fellas, they immediately stole my heart. I am responsible for the lives of these little ones. Now they have grown into adult chickens and I manage food, water & shelter for them, so they can live peacefully.



Image credit: Vinayak Gautam ( Eggs hatched into chicks)


They roam around freely in my house and wake me up daily with their doodle-doo and flapping wings at 5 am. I came to a profound realization that chickens are animals too, they are sentient beings. All they need is some love and care."



Image credit: Vinayak Gautam



Image credit: Vinayak Gautam

Chickens have very good memories

They can solve puzzles by pecking at the pieces with their beaks to let their human helpers know which ones go where. Chickens can also recognize up to 100 different human faces.

Speaking of chirping, chickens are quite talkative, too!

They make around 30 different calls to communicate with each other, expressing everything from “thanks for the food!” to “there’s a predator in the coop!”


Image credit: Vinanyak Gautam

They love to purr, just like cats!

When a chicken is happy, cozy, and safe, they will close their eyes and purr softly, just like cats.


Image credit: Vinayak Gautam

Change for chickens

In factory farms across the world, billions of chickens don’t have the freedom to express their natural behavior. The different calls and chirps of chickens get lost among the sounds of the thousands of birds in one massive barn, they can’t relax and purr in the cramped conditions. Chickens experience a wide range of emotions and can feel pain. Each chicken in a factory farm has a distinct personality and desires, but factory farms deny everything that comes naturally to these intelligent and sensitive animals.


Every chicken deserves a good life where they can raise their babies and perform their natural behaviors like foraging for food, dust-bathing, and roaming freely. World Animal Protection is fighting for each one of these birds so that they can live a meaningful life. My heart has been transformed and you too have the power to do the same.

What can you do?

Help reduce the unsustainable and increasing demand for animal products by reducing meat consumption and choosing higher welfare products. Would you like to make a change? Sign the pledge now!