Gadhimai festival

The Bloodiest Festival--Gadhimai



The most massive mass slaughter on the planet, “The Bloodiest Festival” took place in Nepal despite all the objections from animal rights groups.

Culture and animals walk together in our pristine country!

Elephants are worshipped as Lord Ganesha

Monkeys as Lord Hanuman

So many other animals are considered divine vehicles of Gods

Cows are worshipped as GauMata in India

And then there is a dark side

The side which is darker than that Amavasya Night!

The animals are brutally killed

in the name of festivals

in the name of devotion

in the name of sacrifice

in the name of love

The goddess of Power, Gadhimai

According to Hindu Legend, The goddess of Power, Gadhimai came into a prisoner’s dream and asked him to build a temple for her. The moment he woke up and found he was free, he constructed a temple of the goddess and sacrificed an animal in return. The goddess never asked to sacrifice the animal. We all are children of God. The Almighty wants to keep every child happy, including animals.

What's the story?

It is a belief from the last 250 years that Goddess Gadhimai would fulfill all the wishes if people sacrifice an animal in the temple. And this tradition is ongoing and killing thousands of animals every five years in the Nepalese village, Bariyarpur, close to Indian Border. The animals are brutally slaughtered in the name of the festival. The festival has killed approximately 500,000 in 2009, 30,000 in 2014 animals including buffaloes, pigs, goats, chickens, rats, and pigeons. The animals are beheaded brutally by sharp knives, Kukri, in the name of spiritual significance.  It has been reported that animals have been transported to Nepal Border from India.

The most massive mass slaughter on the planet, “The Bloodiest Festival.” 

The most massive mass slaughter on the planet, “The Bloodiest Festival” took place in Nepal despite all the objections from Animal Rights Groups. It was also directed by Gadhimai Temple Trust, that no animal would be sacrificed this year. Nepal’s central government refused to grant the fund for the festival, looking at the Supreme Court’s ban on the sacrifice of animals. Still, the animals were sacrificed. Many animals were in the queue to the path of death. The recorded number of slaughtered buffaloes is approximately 2000. Thousands of people witnessed the bloodiest festival, believing Goddess Gadhimai would fulfill their wishes. The brutal act is considered to be an integral part of the tradition.

Extreme torture to animals before killing them

And not to end here, the brutality is not restricted to just slaughter. These animals are transported illegally in trucks, shriveled from dehydration, lack of food and water, and waiting for their death so that they can be relieved from this traumatic journey. This needs to be stopped, and we need to understand our traditions and stop this brutally in the name of blind faith and tradition. 


Our traditions are pure and never demanded a life!

A life full of liveliness and ready to help us in any way manner

A life who deserves to live!