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Five ways to be kind to Farm animals



Five ways to be kind to Farm animals

1) Be Vocal/speak up

Make your voice heard and spread the message about what farm animals feel. Talk about how suffering can be eliminated from their life and kindness can be your topmost priority for them. Decide your move and take the cruelty off the menu. Share the information with your friends and family about how cruelty is long fed to these intelligent animals like chicken, cows, pigs etc., and we can end their suffering.

Be kind to all animals

2) End Factory Farming and Demand High Welfare

 Factory Farming/Intensive farming systems raise large numbers of animals, mostly indoors, in conditions intended to maximize production at a minimal cost. This is cruelty and deserves an end. The lives of billions of chickens can be transformed by implying High Welfare Standards, i.e. healthier chickens raised in sheds with more space, natural light and stimulating features such as perches and hay bales. Farmed animals in high welfare systems have reduced stress and improved immunity and resilience to disease.

end factory farming

3) Choose wisely

Think before you choose. There are plenty of ways to show your kindness to farm animals. Antibiotics are routinely overused in farm animals to prop up crowded living environments, rapid growth rates, and other attributes that damage animals’ immunity. This continuous use contributes to the development and spread of bacteria that pose risks to humans, resistant to the medicines used to treat them. Antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” enter the food supply chain and the environment from farms. Demand stronger regulations for the use of antibiotics in farm animals and stop this overuse.

no more forced growth

4) Ask Questions

Reach out to the brands/restaurants you purchase and ask questions about whether they use crates or cages, perform physical alterations, administer antibiotics for disease prevention, or raise slower-growing breeds. Let them know you care about the living conditions of farmed animals and are paying attention—demand better life for farm animals.

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5) Buy Less Meat- Eat More Plants

A great way to continue helping farmed animals daily is to eat more plant foods and fewer animal proteins. Less demand for meat and dairy means less suffering for animals. The immense scale at which we are producing and consuming meat today has negative implications on our health and the planet. By increasing the demand for plant-based foods, we can, in turn, reduce reliance on farmed animals. We can also reduce the role of our food system in climate change and public health crises.

eat less meat
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