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International Day for the animals of Torture



On the day of International Day for the victims of torture, we should understand that Human beings are not only the victims of torture but animals too. Farm animals go through adverse tortures every day in the business's name to meet unethical demands for animal flesh.

What is International Day for Victims of Torture?

Since 1998, 26th June is celebrated as ‘International Day for Victims of Torture’ by over 100 organisations from dozens of countries, paying respect to those who suffered the unimaginable torture. Many peaceful rallies, cultural events, seminars, conferences etc., take place on this day where people speak for the unspeakable tortures. But why didn’t anyone ever raise the request to include animals as well in their prayers?

People who are tortured often say that they felt being treated like animals. That very well explains how humans have destined animals to be tortured and treated inhumanely for their personal benefits and flesh cravings. We all know animals go through these tortures very often, and especially if we look at farmed animals, they experience it each day-every second.

I am here to lend my voice to the voiceless animals who are also victims of torture and equally deserve a voice that can speak up for their unbearable pain. Animals are sentient beings, too, and there can never be a justification for humans being superior to animals.

What is sentience?

It is the capacity to think and be aware of feelings and sensations. Like you feel pain when struck or aren’t feeling medically well; feel breathless with limited access to air; experience emotions of sadness when ill-treated or happiness when treated well by your dear ones; animals too feel it all. They are equal souls living in non-human bodies.

How are chickens a victim of torture?

A factory farm is not a home, International day for the animals of torture
  1. They are brilliant and inquisitive animals who love dust bathing, roaming freely, interacting with other chickens, roosting on perches, etc., as ways of expressing natural behaviours but are refrained from all this when used for meat or egg production in factories farms.
  2. There is a genetic selection of breeds that grow faster at an unnatural pace and are also given growth promoters to keep up with the reduced production cost for more profits. Naturally, a slower-growing breed needs 62 days for full growth, while conventional fast-growing breeds are pushed to grow their maximum limit in just 40-42days.
  3. These birds are squashed in overcrowded & congested sheds with no space to spread wings.
  4. They experience lifelong isolation inside closed sheds or confined in cruel small cages with no access to natural light and breathlessness in air filled with ammonia.
  5. Research has shown that electrical water-bath stunning causes serious pain and stress to birds slaughtered with live inversion as they often gain back consciousness.
  6. Unwanted chicks are thrown away, culled, crushed, and dumped alive only because they were born male or unhealthy.

Small steps towards kindness

There is no end to the list of torture these innocent beings go through, but you can help in easing out their pain by taking small steps towards kindness.


  • Reduce your meat consumption as your less demand will put less pressure on intensive farming systems, and the chicken which could have landed in your oven will get longer life.
  • Consume more plant protein foods that will push food industries to focus on plant protein business instead of intensifying the poultry farming system.
International day for the animals of torture, International day for the victims of torture, chicken abuse

You can't ignore your food choice too

During your journey of developing responsible food choices, if you ever feel cravings for meat, think of only eating higher welfare meat where the chickens get at least a life worth living. Unfortunately, none of the meat producers or quick-service restaurants (QSRs) in India is concerned about animal welfare. Most global QSRs have shown their double standards for addressing welfare issues in countries like the US, UK, and Europe but not in India. Demand now!

Are you worsening chickens' torture or putting your health at risk, or both?

By consuming chickens raised in lower welfare conditions, you are not just worsening their torture but also putting your health and planet’s future at risk. Even though higher welfare is not the best solution, it still ends in the inhumane practice of slaughtering animals, providing a better life to the chickens for as long as they are alive before everyone shifts to plant protein from animal protein.

It is time to rethink your food choices because no one deserves torture and pain in their lives. So, start your journey of kindness today by reducing your animal protein consumption and eating more plant proteins. As this is not an overnight journey and needs a gradual shift towards kindness, we are here with you, but we can assure you that your every step will be fulfilling for granting longer and better life to an innocent being.







If you eat, they will die. It's time to put the 'kind' back in Mankind. Choose wisely. Your one decision can save somebody's life.

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