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A journey to plant-based lifestyle



Here you will read about Animal Lovers who switched to Plant-Based Lifestyle for their love of animals. They believe that a plant-based diet works for everyone if they are taking proper nutrition.

Animal and Environmental society by Sarthak Panigrahi

Sarthak Panigrahi started Animal & Environmental Society which encourages others to follow Plant-based lifestyles to move towards Sustainability.

Sarthak Panigrahi  shifting to a plant based diet

Sarthank Panigrahi, a resident of Bhubaneshwar and Founder of KIIT Animal & Environmental Welfare Society, has been consuming plant-based foods, i.e., no animal protein, since 2017. He was inspired by awareness activities running by animal protection organisations that highlighted the cruelty faced by animals in the farming industry. His journey of Plant-based lifestyle has only led to the formulation of KIIT Animal and Environmental Welfare Society at KIIT Deemed to be University. Through this society, he spread awareness to make others realize the importance of a Plant-Based Lifestyle. With its strong 200 members, the society is determined to work towards the cause with the main objective of spreading awareness about Plant-Based Lifestyles and Sustainability. He says, “I am happy that I have managed to encourage others in the society, and three members of the society have followed my path of adopting a plant-based lifestyle.

Pregnancy with a Plant-based diet  

Rimjhim Joshi had a healthy pregnancy with plant-based food

Rimjhim Joshi had a healthy pregnancy with plant-based food

Rimjhim Joshin, a citizen of Indore, has always been fond of dogs, and one day she saw a Facebook post about Yulin festival, a dog and cat meat festival. It shocked her to the nerve that people are consuming the meat of dogs. To this, his husband said, "you are feeling sad because it's about dogs. Have you ever petted a goat or a hen? It's all the same." At that moment, she realized that she is unfair to those animals. After doing enough research, she decided to start moving towards a completely plant-based diet in 2017. She also had her pregnancy with a completely plant-based diet and delivered a healthy kid. She says, “Mostly I ate normal regular home-cooked food, and my pregnancy was smooth overall with normal delivery. I am so happy that I trusted myself. I have had many positive changes after switching my diet. I feel a plant-based diet works for everyone if we make sure you are receiving proper nutrition.

Wildlife Lover turned to a Plant-based Lifestyle to save the planet

Shiva Kumar Varma a wildlife lover switched to plant based diet

Shiva Kumar Varma is based in Hyderabad and founder at Animal Bloodline, which helps improve access to blood for pets in need during emergencies and educates people to improve the health and welfare of dogs, cats, and other animals, training etc. Shiva is vegetarian since childhood and do not purchase leather or silk products. He turned to a completely plant-based lifestyle in 2014, when he noticed the atrocities of the farming industry, specifically when dairy animals are injected with oxytocin hormone and how unproductive animals are sent to slaughterhouses. He always thinks about why there is no old age cattle house in the dairies. He researched this and found that India is one of the biggest beef exporters though, cattle are not raised for beef, but milk. He believes that a Plant-based diet will have less impact on our planet and save our forests, wildlife, and marine life. He says, “Adopting plant-based lifestyle is the least simple thing to do what I can to save the planet.

You too can take an action! 


Go for a Plant-based lifestyle and move towards sustainability. A plant-based lifestyle not only changes your body but mind and attitude.

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