calf tethered with a rope

Motherless day for the speechless innocent beings



The calves in a dairy are still crying for their mothers

Today is the day when everyone celebrates mother-child relationship while on the contrary, the calves in a dairy are still crying for their mothers whom they can see from a distance but being tethered doesn’t give them the freedom to reach their mothers. Moreover, being a male calf in a dairy is the most heartbreaking thing that anyone could think of. These male calves aren’t lucky enough to even see their mothers as soon as they are born because they aren’t of any use for the dairy owners.

Much like humans, calves too have an equally loving connection with their mothers, but unfortunately, there is no room for such mother’s bond with their calves at the dairies. So, World Animal Protection as one of the animal welfare organization urges the dairy owners to be ethically motivated to take animal welfare into consideration in their supply chains.

Though most of us have grown up listening, ‘Milk’ is the powerhouse of all essential nutrients we need but none has ever questioned where does it come from? The simplest way to answer this is that there has always been enough food for thought but not enough thought for food. Well! World Animal Protection takes the initiative to bring the truth behind our milk in the notice of all the people out there. We should question and understand the cruelty that happens behind the doors to feed the humans some beautifully presented delicacies like milk, shakes, ice creams, desserts, cheese, tea, coffee, etc.  Since children are the key consumers of milk or milk products, we want that our words reach out to as many parents as possible so that they educate their children to make more responsible choices while consuming what they wish to have.

Let’s take a pledge to give life worth living to all the speechless innocent beings and become more responsible while taking anything from them for our benefit. You can read more about our Better Dairy Campaign and understand that dairy animals should have five basic freedoms. If you agree to what we say, then, please join hands with us in giving better lives to dairy animals.