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A musician sharing her story of shifting to a plant based diet



Pooja Sharma, also known as Audio Cassette, shares her story of transitioning to a plant-based diet. She shares her experiences and motivational factors that made her kind towards animals. Farm animals like chickens, pigs and more are no different than our cats and dogs. They also deserve to live happily. There are alternatives to every animal product. All you need is to educate yourself, open your eyes and see that animals deserve to live better.

A musician turning into a plant-based diet

Several musicians have shown kindness by adopting a completely plant-based diet, and Pooja Sharma is one of them. She has been singing since 2013 and recently moved to a completely plant-based diet. Being a millennial, Pooja Sharma, aka Audio Cassette, shared how she started a complete plant protein diet. In addition, she talked about how plant protein is the need of the hour and how others can be encouraged towards the cause.

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A transition to a plant-based diet 

Ms Pooja shared her experience on what motivated her to be kind towards animals and how farm animals are no different than our cats and dogs. Cruel farming videos have impacted Pooja, and then she started her plant-based journey in 2020, which involved no animal cruelty. She does not want to be associated with the cruel dairy and meat industries at all.


Additionally, she shared several benefits of having plant-based foods. She says, “There is an alternative to every single animal product out there. There are mock meats, and there are people making leather out of cactus, like wow!” You need to educate your mind, open your eyes, and most importantly, open your heart to new and better possibilities!” Hence, she enjoys her meal by taking alternatives of animal products and keep the kindness going. She also mentioned that plant-based protein is packed with antioxidants, phytochemicals, minerals, vitamins, which significantly increases the blood flow throughout the body and thus takes the pressure off of the heart, which is great.

Make yourself aware of the Plant-based diet

The fact of not being part of animal cruelty has motivated her to keep going towards her plant-based journey. She requested the audience to make themselves aware by watching documentaries, reading research documents, and forming their own opinions towards plant-based foods as they are good for animals, people, and the planet.

sing kindly. plant based diet is beneficial. Pooja sharma shares her story of transition to plant based diet.

The talk ended with a beautiful song giving the realization of “we have been lost in a magical world”, and we need to build a world, i.e. better for all. The event will spread the word of “why Plant-based food” through the voice of such encouraging personalities.

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