Harshdeep singh a classical hatha yoga trainer turning into a plant-based diet

Plant based diet journey of a classical Hatha Yoga Teacher



Harshdeep Singh is a lawyer and a classical Hatha yoga teacher trained at Isha Hatha Yoga and switched to a completely plant-based diet in 2017. Let’s hear his journey in his own words.

The story of Harshdeep Singh

“My journey of shifting to a plant-based diet perhaps started almost 3 years ago. At the time, I was a heavy meat eater and, in general, did not have much regard for the ecology and its inhabitants around me. However, things started to change when in 2017, I did a yoga personal growth program called inner engineering, where I went through a deep transformation.


Harshdeep singh doing hatha yoga and a plant based teacher

Harshdeep Singh doing a yoga personal growth program called inner engineering

The transformation did not occur in just those 4 days of the program but continued after as I went on doing the meditative practice of shambhavi Mahamudra that we were taught in the program. Day by day, I could notice how a fundamental shift is happening within me. The most notable one for me was the connection I started to feel with everything and everyone around me, especially towards ecology and animals. I felt as though I’ve been so dead to life, but now a whole new sensitivity towards life was sprouting and spreading within my interiority.


Harshdeep Singh sharing his story about his plant-based journey

Switching to a plant-based diet

At this time started digging more into the consequences my eating habits have had on the planet. I remember watching heart-shattering videos and documentaries of animal agriculture and crying myself to bed. It was unbelievable because I could never imagine myself being so deeply affected by something I never bothered about before. Now though, I knew I have to do something about it, so I switched to a plant-based diet and brought about many lifestyle changes to swell.

Harshdeep singh . a classical hatha yoga teacher turning into a plant-based diet

Harshdeep Singh cuddling his dog. He is a true animal lover.

I even joined an animal rights foundation to make an impact on the ground. However, I realised the problem is much deeper. Human society has become deeply prejudiced and exploitative because of the limited identities they have adopted. What is missing was an inclusive consciousness and access to tools that make people life sensitive. That led me to seek and go through a rigorous Isha Hatha yoga training program at Isha yoga centre, an ashram at the foothills of the Velliangiri mountains.


What is my life purpose?

Now it’s my life purpose to take these tools of transformation in their purest form to all those who seek to evolve, which I believe is the only long-term solution for all the problems in the world, including lack of concern for ecology.

Plant-based Smoothies and yoga mat on the grass

Image for reference ( DepositPhotos): Plant-based Smoothie and yoga mat on the grass

We hope that more individuals realise how their lifestyle might be impacting our planet and start doing their bit for a better world.


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Yoga and Food are interlinked. Fuel your body with a plant-based diet and see how it transforms you.