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Stories of Change- How Plant based diet changed their lives?



We heard real-life stories from individuals who shared their encouraging journey to contribute to transforming the food system and building back better. We asked people how a plant-based diet/lifestyle has changed their lives, and they came up with splendid reasons to switch to a plant-based diet. Let’s get to know their stories - #HearfromReal

The story of a local musician - Pooja Sharma 

Pooja Sharma, a local musician, shared her experience on what motivated her to be kind towards animals and how farm animals are no different than our cats and dogs. Cruel farming videos have impacted Pooja, and then she started her plant-based journey in 2020, which involved no animal cruelty. She does not want to be associated with the cruel dairy and meat industries at all. She says, “There is an alternative to every single animal product out there. There are mock meats, and there are people making leather out of cactus, like wow!” You need to educate your mind, open your eyes, and most importantly, open your heart to better possibilities and see that animals deserve to live better.”

Pooja sharma sharing her plant based journey

Pooja sharma sharing her story of a plant-based journey 

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The story of compassionate mothers

What can be more compassionate than adopting a plant-based diet and leaving the animals off the plate? We heard stories from mothers on how they started adopting a plant-based diet and encouraged their kids about the benefits of a plant-based diet. They also shared their challenges and how did they overcome the same. Their inspiring stories encouraged other parents to become compassionate parents by adopting a plant-based diet. One of the mothers also mentioned, “I had a pregnancy with a completely plant-based diet and delivered a healthy kid.”

Compassionate moms sharing their stories of plant based diet

Compassionate moms sharing their stories of a plant-based journey 

The story of a marathon runner - Shubhashis Ghosh

Shubhashis Ghosh, a marathon runner, shared some amazing benefits he observed in his life in the last five years due to not having any Animal-based food. He has also been felicitated by Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar on the occasion of IDBI Kolkata Full Marathon 2019. He has completed 11 half marathons, one full marathon, ultra marathon, 30 km run, 25kms run, and several 10 kms/5 km runs. He believes that the body becomes fit and energetic once you switch on to a Plant-based diet. He says, "I have a small request to you, try to leave animal-based food and factory-made foods and see the positive change in your life too. Let's make this world a better place for living for all."

The story of a marathon runner

The inspiring story of Shubhashis Ghosh - a marathon runner

The story of a classical Hatha Yoga Teacher - Harshdeep Singh 

Harshdeep Singh, a classical Hatha yoga teacher, switched to a completely plant-based diet after a deep transformation. During his transformation, he started to feel connected with everything and everyone around him, especially towards ecology and animals. Digging more into the consequences of his eating habits on the planet, he watched heart-shattering videos and documentaries of animal agriculture which were devastating to him. This made him switch to a plant-based diet and brought about many lifestyle changes to swell.

the story of a classical yoga teacher

Harshdeep Singh, a classical Hatha yoga teacher, switched to a completely plant-based diet

The inspiring story of a wildlife lover - Shiva Kumar Varma 

Shiva Kumar Varma, a wildlife lover, turned to a completely plant-based lifestyle in 2014, when he noticed the atrocities of the farming industry. He believes that a Plant-based diet will have less impact on our planet and save our forests, wildlife, and marine life. He says, “Adopting plant-based lifestyle is the least simple thing to do what I can to save the planet.”

The inspiring story of Shiva Kumar

Read about the inspiring plant-based journey of Shiva Kumar Varma 

The inspiring journey of Sarthak Panigrahi

Sarthak Panigrahi has been consuming plant-based foods, i.e., no animal protein, since 2017. He was inspired by awareness activities running by animal protection organisations that highlighted the cruelty faced by animals in the farming industry. His journey of Plant-based lifestyle has only led to the formulation of KIIT Animal and Environmental Welfare Society at KIIT Deemed to be University. Through this society, he spread awareness to make others realize the importance of a Plant-Based Lifestyle.

the plant based journey of Sarthak  Panigrahi

Sarthak Panigrahi has been consuming plant-based food since 2017. Read his inspiring story 


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