“Yeh Dilli Hai Mere Yaar”



In 2017, a taxi driver raped a female puppy brutally in the capital city, and the excessive bleeding from private parts led to her death.

So here we are

Standing in the capital of our country

Country of Cultures

Country of Traditions

Country of Diversity

And of course the Country of Modesty and much more

You are here with me in the heart of India called Delhi

“Ye Dilli Hai Mere Yaar”

The "Dilli Wali" Life

You will find thousands of people here hustling and bustling in every corner of the city. The place where people from different states gather to fulfill their dreams and want to live a “Dilli Wali” life. Delhi has 18.6 million hearts beating with all of its majestic beauty, traditional attires, varieties of foods, universities, and much more. Apart from the human hearts beating in this city, we have many more hearts that are beating tirelessly on roads that have a sweet smile and a pure soul. They are called our best friends, “DOGS.” Dogs have always been proved to be a loyal friend and the best companion whenever we talk about them. They have their charm, which attracts people even if they are roaming around with all that dirt on their bodies.

Stray dogs in Delhi

Delhi is home to about 400,000 stray dogs. These stray dogs are usually found in markets, local roads, and live in a close relationship with humans. But on a darker side, people also portray dogs as villains since they bite and maul, while other dogs are falling to a category where they are victims of human cruelty.


Humanity is dead. Monsters living inside human bodies do not leave either women or animals. They consider both the entities as an object for their pleasure. At every corner of that dark street or in the daylight, these monsters are growling whatever they can bite on.. be it an alone woman or a stray dog.

The Crime Rate in India

India is growing too fast that the crime rate against women has also taken part in this growing race. According to Thomas Reuters survey, India was ranked first and named as the world’s most dangerous country for women in 2018. Apart from this, five women are raped, and eight are molested every day, on average, in the capital city of India alone. And these are just numbers which are recorded, and there are plenty of incidents which are still not registered. The recent horrifying incident of rape and murder of a veterinary doctor, Ms. Priyanka Reddy, has fired the rage amongst the people living in our country. The Nirbhaya Case is still pending where a 24-year-old girl was beaten, raped, and tortured in a moving bus on the roads of Delhi.


Dogs are raped too

Now imagine, dogs are just left voiceless and how will they bear this, where there is no record of such brutal incidences, no laws and no fighter for them.

In 2017, a taxi driver raped a female puppy brutally in the capital city, and the excessive bleeding from private parts led to her death. Later on, it was found that the man uses to torture and assault her wife as well.

In 2019, a four-year-old dog was raped by three monsters in Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh while another case was registered against a man for allegedly raping a stray female dog in Khargar, Navi Mumbai.

A man was arrested for sexually assaulting the four newborn puppies in Madhavaram, Chennai

A male street dog was brutally raped by four lives in Mumbai.

Shame for us

These are just a few incidents that are recorded by animal lovers or activists but what about other stray dogs who don’t have any home or any safe place. It’s a shame for our country, shame for humanity and poses serious questions about the safety of all beating hearts including women, men and especially our loyal dogs who can’t even raise their voice.


Let’s make the Dilli proud by making a safer place for the entities living in and then say “Yeh Dilli Hai Mere Yaar”

Let’s make this country a safe place for our mute and defenseless loyal friends!