Rescuing Animals

Helping local people and rescue personnel protect animals in the Chennai floods


Training rescue personnel, and hosting simulation workshops with local villagers to help them be better prepared for disasters, proved to be invaluable when Chennai was recently ravaged by flooding.

As a nation we continue to be vulnerable to devastating disasters. And animals are often the forgotten victims. Thousands lose their lives, and many more are injured and lost due to lack of adequate measures to handle and protect them.

With your support, animals are now being better protected during disasters in India, as we continue to work side by side with rescue and relief teams.

As National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) relief and rescue personnel attended to the needs of the animals affected in the Chennai flood, we were proud to see them using techniques in handling and protecting animals, taught in World Animal Protection training sessions.

This year, multiple training sessions have been conducted with rescue personnel to respond to the urgent and longer term needs of animals in emergencies.

Our training workshops are ensuring NDRF relief and rescue personnel are well equipped to evacuate and help animals, and people when the worst happens.

This essential training is assisting the government, and people of India, to prepare and respond quickly to protect animals in disasters.

Thanks to your support, more rescue personnel continue to be trained in disaster response, and empowered to meet the needs of animals in future emergencies. Read about our work to protect over 3 million animals in disasters in the last 50 years.

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