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India National Dairy Code: helping to end the suffering of dairy animals


With your support, we are changing the future of India dairy farming, by promoting sustainable, high-welfare solutions that will improve the lives of millions of dairy animals.

India is the world’s largest dairy producer, with the biggest dairy herd in the world, with approximately 200 million cows and 105 million buffalo.  An estimated 50 million of those dairy animals are currently suffering in intensive commercial dairy systems. 

The Indian dairy sector is rapidly changing with increases in both the number of intensive commercial dairy farms and smallholder producers, as demand for dairy products soar.

But, despite the demand, there is lack of standards for milk production that regulate production practices in India dairies.

We know that animals raised in good, hygienic and high welfare conditions produce healthier milk. This is why we have helped to develop a national code of practice, with the support of the National Dairy Research Institute, to ensure improved welfare and management of dairy animals in India.

Now, all state governments have been asked by the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) to implement the code of practice, which specifies guidelines for breeding, feeding, sheltering and housing of dairy animals.

The AWBI has also called for the government’s animal husbandry department to introduce training to help dairy farmers implement the code; and has asked the veterinary council to incorporate the code into veterinary curriculums and practices throughout the country.

Thank you for everything you have done to support our vital work in India. With your support we will continue to create demand for higher welfare dairy products, driving retailers, dairy companies and farmers to support positive change for dairy animals.

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