Animals in disaster

Training Veterinarians to manage and protect animals in disasters


We shared skills with veterinary officers on animal welfare needs in emergencies – to protect the animals and support their owners during disasters.

Training on Management of animals in emergencies

During the first week of April, our disaster management team came together with our Veterinary Emergency Response Unit (VERU) to conduct a training workshop on ‘management of animals in emergencies’ at the College of Veterinary Science in Assam.

During the two day exercise, more than 35 animal husbandry and veterinary department representatives were trained on ways to better manage food and shelter and medicines t for animals and their owners in case of disaster.

The officers also shared their suggestions and gave their feedback on how available resources and infrastructure can be better assigned for disaster preparedness for animals. The sessions were interactive and helped to share knowledge and ideas which if implemented would help both animals and their owners in disasters.

Training of Trainers for the VERU's

Soon after the training in Assam, our team headed to Bihar where we undertook a training session for the VERU faculties. The workshop included representatives from all of the five zones at the Bihar Veterinary College in Patna.

These workshops help us to develop skilled trainers on animal handling techniques in case of emergencies.

After this session, the trainers will be able to carry out trainings independently for their respective zones and with this, we move a step closer to building a bigger team of animal handlers in emergencies.

Hansen Thambi Prem, our Disaster Management Project Manager said:

“We have been working with the National and State Government to effectively implement disaster preparedness methods across the country. Our preparedness work helps local communities and government to train more people to protect the animal lives and the livelihoods during calamities.

With every new session and increase in the number of trained representatives, we are helping to put an end to the suffering of millions of animals caught in disaster.”

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