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World Animal Protection has been moving the world to protect animals for 50 years. We are the world’s leading animal welfare charity, active in more than 50 countries across Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. World Animal Protection has consultative status at the United Nations and Council of Europe. 

Please contact Kai Akram for all media enquiries or to arrange an interview with one of our campaign and policy experts.

Media contacts worldwide

Shashwat Raj, Communications Manager- India

Kai Akram, Global Head of Media (Interim)

Jonathan Konuche, Communications Officer  

Fran Kearey, Communications Manager

Leonardo de Medeiros, Communications Manager

Elizabeth Sharpe, Communications Director

Harry Liu, Communications Officer

Tarcisio Mulek, Communications Director

Nikolaj Vessekbo, Media Manager

Paul van Tongeren, Press/Communications Officer

Lise-Lott Alsenius, Communications Manager

Suvimol Boontarom, Head of Communications, Marketing and Fundraising

Elise Neve, Communications Officer

Carla Pisarro, Media and Publications Manager

Media requests

Our media and communications team is here to respond to all media enquiries and can arrange comment and interviews with our campaign and policy experts, listed below. The team handles requests related to all animal protection issues in addition to the four areas of our work. These are:

  • Animals in communities – including our work on dog population management, responsible pet ownership and working animals.
  • Animals in disasters – including all of our work to help governments and communities prepare for and respond to disasters.
  • Animals in farming – including animal welfare on farms, cage-free farming, humane slaughter, live exports, our resources for government officials and our work to create clever, kinder farms.
  • Animals in the wild – including our work on civet coffee, human-bear conflicts, human-elephant conflicts, Operation Charm, our Sea Change campaign, sea turtle farming and the wildlife trade. 

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