Pankaj KC with a dog

Pankaj KC

Animals in communities

Hi, I'm Pankaj KC, programme director for Animals in Communities at World Animal Protection.

I'd worked in the environment and international development sector for 14 years before joining World Animal Protection in 2014. I grew up in Nepal, and interacted with animals on a daily basis, especially dogs, cats and cows. I've always seen animals as essential parts of society - I can't imagine any society without them. 

As programme director of Animals in Communities, my work is focussed on safeguarding dogs around the world from cruelty and harm. Every year, 10 million dogs are poisoned, stoned and electrocuted to death, primarily in an attempt to stop the spread of rabies, which kills 59,000 people each year. The only proven way to eliminate this terrible disease, and protect people and animals, is through vaccinating dogs and humane dog population management. As well as many other incredible initiatives, I'm proud to say that we've vaccinated 1.6 millions dogs against rabies since 2013 – protecting millions of dogs and humans from exposure to this deadly disease.

My blogs will be focussed on the spreading the word that better life for dogs also means better lives for us; that life is better with dogs; and that culling them will not stop the spread of rabies

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