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Can calves celebrate Children's day? Is it fine to gift a Childless Day to cows?



It is the day dedicated to children; we give them gifts and make them feel special! But do we consider the happiness of all the children or just restrict ourselves to humans?

We have talked about the motherless day for calves in past and it’s yet another time we raise our voices for calves. These innocent sentient beings are frightened of the hideous cruelty they face shortly after being born. Particularly when a male calf is born or there is a cow that is deemed to be no longer useful, they are either abandoned in the city to starve or sent to abattoirs. So, it is time we question ourselves: Are we even thinking about them at all? Do we ever think what calves go through when they are pushed to become stray? Can we stay away from our mothers?


Separation causes grief and agony

This separation between the mother cow and her calf often causes grief and agony because for a cow it doesn't matter whether they become a mother to a male or a female calf. It is just a mother-child relationship which is as pure as it is for humans. Let’s talk about something really important i.e., do we genuinely want these animals to have a good life or just want to restrict ourselves to fight for veganism? It is high time we all come together and accept that we need to park our debates at midpoints that do at least some good to the ones we all debate for?


Something is better than nothing

Do you all remember this? We have grown up learning this by heart but never related it to other sentient beings that too deserve something. Veganism is good in fact great but is it the only resting point of any discussion? Is it that easy to change the thinking of the whole world in one go? Well, we need to accept that we can't convince everyone to become vegan and if we truly wish to do something for animals then we all should at least park our words to a minimum base of animal welfare. This will at least give a life worth living to these animals that are being used for us.

Take a stand for dairy animals

Talking about dairy animals who are a part of our daily lives starting from morning tea/ coffee/ milk to ending our days with desserts, we need to take a stand for them to come out of the barbarous conditions. This can be done by helping them to live a decent life and can meanwhile work towards asking people not to use them for our own greed. Of course, we now have vegan desserts and alternative milk options like soya/almond milk. But does turning 100 people vegan in a day compensate for providing better or high welfare treatment to 100 animals a day by educating 1 farmer a day for good animal welfare? This discussion is never-ending.


There is no harm in convincing people to go vegan but if not that then we all should at least take the first step towards it which starts from making people feel concerned about the welfare or health of animals. This will give them a life worth living which can later become better over a period of time. After all, it is always better to pass the lower grades with efficient knowledge to be fully educated at higher levels or else if a young child is pushed to the higher grade, it might hinder his/her growth when the base isn't that strong.

Creating happy lives for dairy animals

So, next time you get into any such debates, just think of those innocent calves who too wish to be loved and cuddled by their mothers. This children's day, let’s join hands and work towards a happy life for all the dairy animals and their babies. 



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