Animals in Farming

Freedom For All



We consume milk every day whether raw or in the form of different products without knowing the fact where does it come from.

In this era of freedom, everyone is free to do as one pleases to; which could be to think, speak, believe, express, love, work and do many more things. We have full right to get an education and pursue a career of our choice, free to travel to different places, free to wear clothes in which we feel comfortable in and consume food as per our choice.

Freedom For All 

But at times, this freedom to please ourselves might affect the lives of other living beings residing on this earth. The way we consume food, wear clothes and use different gifts from nature might destruct the beautiful living beings of this world.  We must live our lives in a manner that all other living beings get equal freedom; freedom to move, freedom to eat, and freedom to live a worthy life. For example, celebrities are free to wear clothes which make their appearance fabulous and unique but does that mean to keep a life of another living being on a stake; that too belongs to earth? Millions of people are consuming food and beverages from these living beings. Can’t we be more conscious about what we wear, what we use and what we eat or drink? We all belong to this earth, and it is not just for humans but for all other species sharing space with us and who is also entitled to have the right to freedom.

Many organizations are working on animal welfare, and I am glad to be part of one such organization namely, World Animal Protection, an International Animal Welfare Organization which has been working towards improving the welfare of animals for over 50 years across 14 countries.  Through the ‘Better Dairy’ campaign in India, we are working to provide freedom to dairy animals.

Watch the Cruelty 

The Indian population is dependent on milk and other dairy products. Every home’s breakfast starts with milk and hence the demand is here. We consume milk every day whether raw or in the form of different products without knowing the fact where does it come from. Apart from this, Milk is India’s highest demanding product which is much more than the paddy and wheat together. The increasing demand has pushed the Indian dairies towards cruelty. A large number of cows and buffaloes are facing cruelty in dairies of India and is devoid of receiving the essential freedoms. We are working on the concept to allow these dairy animals to at least have basic freedoms to live which are:

  •  Freedom to express natural behavior
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from thirst and hunger
  •  Freedom from tear and distress
  •  Freedom from pain, injuries, and disease

We are asking dairy companies to adopt high welfare dairy management practices in their supply chain which involves the freedoms mentioned above for animals.  Know more about our work and how corporate companies can take part in providing a better life to these dairy animals!