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Justice for Dairy Animals



It is heartburning to see dairy animals on the roadside in scorching heat or inside suffocated rooms and that too tethered with ropes or chains.

When everyone around the world is celebrating the International Justice Day by raising their voices for victims who need justice, I being an animal lover and also a professional working for animal welfare would like to mark my words in support towards ‘Justice for Dairy Animals’.

We all are aware of the conditions of the dairy animals particularly in urban and peri-urban dairies where they can barely move. It is heartburning to see these animals tied on the roadside in scorching heat or inside suffocated rooms with no light. I have shared the atrocities faced by these animals in my first blog as well.

Some simple questions

We always raise our voices for our rights as humans but shouldn’t we pay some attention to the rights of these sentient beings who can’t even raise their own voices?

Are they asking for too much?

Is it that challenging for us to give them a life worth living?

No! Right? When we are blessed with a mind to think, a heart to feel and a voice to speak up then what is it that is stopping us from doing so. Well, I believe we all have to come together and be the voice of these sentient beings because we need to be more responsible at least towards those animals who are the only livelihood of many people. In fact in today’s time dairy sector has become so humongous that it provides employment opportunities not only to people who on dairy farms or in dairy plants, but also to the whole sector from upstream (management and service providers…) to downstream (marketing of finished products…)

The Greatness of the Nation

There is one thought that I want each one of us to engrave in our hearts and minds just like I did years ago, that “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ― Mahatma Gandhi

There are many ways for us to be their voice like you can write a blog or an article, spread awareness around you in your own way using your skills, share some post for animals on your social media platforms and most importantly lookout for ways as per your current profession to do something for these animals.


The Power of Individuals

Let’s show this world the power of individuals as each step makes a huge difference just like each drop of water saved by us can give life to someone needy. If not much, at least takeout a minute out of your hustle-bustle lives and sign the petition run by us to be a part of this large level change that we are aiming bring into Indian dairy industry.       

Don’t forget to mark us on your additional efforts for any animal @worldanimalprotectionindia, so that we can also share that too.