animals in farming

Pet lovers took a step for our Cows!



Can’t we provide minimum basic welfare to the animals who are providing too much to us?

Just spin around, and you will see the cute creatures everywhere!

Wagging their tails

Purring noises

Pooping-peeing here and there

And jumping everywhere!

Pets are the best companions

Humans tend to take and give love, and keeping pets have fulfilled their wish. They have not the better half but “someone” who runs to him/her when we return from our workplace and pour out all the love to make you feel alive again. They have no complaints and demands but love. Pets, be it a dog or cat or any other animal, are considered to be the best companion, and they can lower all the stress of your life in just a while. 

All about the PetFed Event

The last weekend of 2019 was full of these paw-friends!

World Animal Protection participated in India’s biggest festival PetFed which held in Okhla NSIC grounds on 28th and 29th Dec 2019. Our unique ice cream cart reached these paw-friends and made their lovers aware of what goes into their ice cream. The conversation started with “Menu of Cruelty,” which talks about atrocious conditions that are faced by the animals in urban and peri-urban dairies. The flavors of the ice cream depicted the fundamental freedoms which dairy animals are not provided with.


Devoid of basic fundamental freedoms

Dairy animals in urban and peri-urban dairies are devoid of these fundamental freedoms of having 24*7 access to clean water, the presence of natural sunlight, performing natural behavior, proper feed, and veterinary care.

Is it too much to ask for?

Can’t we provide minimum basic welfare to the animals who are providing too much to us?

Pet lovers are not just animal lovers but consumers too

Pet Lovers started thinking about all of this when they were made aware of what goes into their ice cream, milkshakes, and other milk and milk products they buy. The pet lovers are not just animal lovers but consumers too, and they want to consume responsibly. They don’t want to have such products that are coming from a cruel place where fundamental freedoms are denied for dairy animals. They want to know what are the dairy companies, coffee chains, ice cream, and milkshakes chains are doing? Are they following these basic freedoms for dairy animals? Are they sourcing their milk from the places where animals are not provided basic minimum welfare? They don’t want such cruelty for the dairy animals and want to create a better world for not just their pets but cows too!


We also made people aware of unique facts about cows by throwing a quiz. People mentioned that they never knew this much about cows and never gave a thought on such cruel conditions as well. We have also conducted similar events at Pacific Mall, Subhash Nagar, and Dwarka, and Dilli Haat, INA.


We have received several petitions through this ice cream cart and made people aware of #whatisinmymilk!

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