animals in farming

Truth Behind The Room



Too many animals are kept in a small space, crammed up and not allowed to even exhibit their natural behavior.

A room with no sign of light

A room with weird smells

A room with no space to stand even

A room with splashing sound of water

A room with too many weird screams!

This is the regular scenario in each and every urban and peri-urban dairies in our cities. The cities which can’t even bear the burden of humans are home to these cows and buffaloes for our daily needs- The milk! Too many animals are kept in a small space, crammed up and not allowed to even exhibit their natural behavior. They are not even provided with cleaner water and healthy meal. 

The UN Report

UN report says India is expected to add nearly 273 million people between 2019 and 2050. Previous UN projections had estimated that India will be the world's most populous country as early as 2022. With the ever-increasing population, growing urbanization, increasing purchase power, and the demand for milk and milk products, from the current production of 155 million tons, it is estimated that the total milk production should be around 200 million tons by the year 2030 to meet the demand. To service this demand for milk, the pressure is increasing on animals to produce milk in low welfare situations.

Farms located in these urban and peri-urban areas operate with little or no regulatory oversight. A minimal data is available which puts a light on attitudes and practices available in respect to animal husbandry and management, knowledge on animal diseases and their control.


Don’t you think these animals need little more space to live?

Little more light to see their friends?

Little cleaner dishes to eat their meal

And little cleaner water to sip in

Yes little efforts from us and their life could be worth living

That’s what our campaign is working on i.e. to provide a better place for them to live.

We have started a pledge called “A life worth living”. It will involve different key stakeholders like chains of coffee shops, ice creams, milkshakes and much more! We want these stakeholders who provide a good quality of products every day, to stand for animal welfare and demand better dairy management practices from the milk producers in India.


Stay tuned to know who is taking a step forward for animal welfare!