Indian cows tethered

What’s in your coffee?



A pinch of sugar, lots of cream, aromatic coffee beans and maybe something more!

Do we really think about cows and buffaloes?

Do you remember the ABC which we learnt in kindergarten, C for Cat and sometimes C for Cow? The teacher used to ask ‘where does your milk come from?’ and we used to sing Mooo, meaning Cows. But now, do we really think about cows/buffaloes while having that perfect cup of Cappuccino? I guess no. Your cup of delicious coffee might contain more than you think.

There are millions of cows and buffaloes tied up all day long from a small rope, dirty troughs filled with smelly water and feed. Yes, we all are responsible for these atrocious conditions of the dairy animals and we are the one who can change it. 

Do you still want to have that delicious cup of coffee?

Do you still want to have that delicious cup of coffee which includes all the difficult phases for our animals? Won’t you prefer to be little obliged to have something from the animals and give them a better life?

Yes, you can be a part of it. Ask yourself and be a part of this movement.

We are running a petition on the same in which consumers can take part in. The petition ask is:

“I don't support cruelty to dairy animals in my city. I ask companies to commit to not sourcing milk from urban and peri-urban dairies.”

Apart from consumers, we are running a national pledge for different coffee retailers, small cafes to come along and be a part of this movement. 

What are we asking for?

We are requesting different retailers (including chains of coffee, ice cream, milkshakes, and Cafes)  to provide its customers with products which are sourced from suppliers where animals are provided basic minimum welfare requirements. Thus, as part of our commitment to stand for animal welfare, companies will support the following and will be happy to request Dairy Companies to:

  1. Not source from urban and peri-urban dairies by end of 2020
  2. Provide high welfare products by implementing World Animal Protection’s 5 Dairy Animal Minimum Welfare Requirements are:
  • Provide 24- hour access to clean water for all animals and access to good quality feed.
  • Provide access to shade, shelter and comfortable bedding for all animals.
  • No permanent tethering and access to a suitable outdoor area where animals can roam daily.
  • Provide adequate colostrum and health care to all dairy animals, including pain relief for painful procedures.
  • Provide good handling and develop a plan to manage unwanted animals - no abandonment

As mentioned in the last piece, we have received a pledge sign-ups from the Indian Coffee House.

Indian Coffee House 

Indian Coffee House is not just a place for coffee but is a bundle of culture existing from the last 50 years. Indian Coffee House is run by the Indian Coffee Worker’s Cooperative Society (ICWCS). The age-old coffee chain is spread nationally in different cities from North India, Central India to South India. It is a heaven for journalists, politicians, bureaucrats, scholars, civil societies, human rights groups to debate for hours and have coffee and snacks at cheap rates.  The outlets are very simple where a turbaned waiter in a dull white uniform serves the coffee. These simple people have also acknowledged the fact of providing better welfare to animals by signing our pledge. We have received sign-ups from ICWCS, Delhi and Jabalpur which holds 47 outlets in the locations like Delhi, Shimla, Chandigarh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Bengaluru. It shows the care and love, people have for animals.

Apart from Indian Coffee House, we have received the sign up from cafe in Lansdowne, Uttarakhand namely Lansdowne Trip Travel Cafe'. As the name suggests, the cafe also provides short-guided trips to nearby forests. They have turned a 100-year-old mule shed to a travel cafe and have started skill development to the youth. Five families of the village are earning livelihood from this cafe and their kids are being educated by the owner of the cafe. They have been also awarded a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor for the past 4 years consecutively and has also become no. 1 place to be seen in Lansdowne. Apart from this, they work in remote villages situated on the periphery of Kalagarh Tiger Reserve Uttarakhand.

We are also in touch with different coffee chains and other retailers for giving a push to this movement and make our nation, a better place for animals.

If you want to be a part of this movement, join the cause!