Cecil and Wildlife. Not entertainers

Don’t let Cecil’s death be in vain – join the movement and make a change for wildlife


Thousands of people in India and around the world, were angered by the news of an American dentist who paid US$50,000 to shoot Cecil the lion, a national treasure in Zimbabwe’s famous Hwange National Park.

The story of Cecil is heart-breaking, but sadly not a one-off. What this tragedy has done is shine a light on the cruel use of animals in entertainment.

The cruelty behind this act is disturbing: In Africa, lions are regularly being bred for the tourist entertainment industry. There are as many as 7,000 lions in breeding facilities in South Africa today, not only for hunting, but for being petted as cubs and walking with tourists in lion parks.

Wildlife is a lucrative business, with animals such as lions being torn from their mothers at just a few weeks old. They are kept in small enclosures with no shade from the heat, fed a poor diet, and are abused until they become compliant enough for photo opportunities or lion walks with tourists.

When older, lions may then be sold into untracked trade chains, and can end up in the canned hunting industry, where animals are hunted in areas where they cannot escape.

We oppose animal cruelty in any form, and we strongly believe the rearing and killing of lions in the name of ‘entertainment’ must end.

With your support, we can make sure that no more lions, like Cecil, will suffer cruelty and abuse in the name of entertainment.

Animals belong in the wild and should not prop up this sordid industry. We invite you to join our movement to end this needless suffering of animals in the wild in the name of entertainment.

Be a part of our journey and take a pledge – because wild animals are Wildlife. Not entertainers.

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