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Promoting animal welfare at Delhi Science Fair


World Animal Protection inspired teachers and young people to embrace animal welfare at the annual Delhi Science Fair.

Attending the event, organised by the Education Department of South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), we raised awareness among school principals, teachers and students, on the importance of showing compassion, respect and care towards animals.

Over 50 people registered an interest, during the fair, in our specially designed programme for primary and secondary school children – First Concepts in Animal Welfare (FCAW).

FCAW guides teachers on educating their students on the importance of animal welfare, and how fundamental the protection of animals is for animals, people and communities.

Our long term partnership with the education department, helped us to raise awareness, share our experience, and promote the importance of animal welfare at the Delhi Science Fair - organised to promote artistic, creative and innovative skills, related to science, among its attendees.

During the event we hosted interactive activities at our stand, to encourage an interest in animal welfare, and presented lesson plans on subjects from animal needs to responsible pet ownership and understanding how dogs communicate.

India Education Officer, Nishant Gupta, says: "we are working with school principals and teachers, offering first class teaching resources, to help them to inspire young people to care for animals.

Our education work helps to teach people that animals matter, and we all have a shared responsibility to prevent animals suffering. Spreading this important message among young people, helps us to reach out across the generations in India, to help move more people to protect animals.”

You can learn and help educate others on animal welfare by following our Facebook Page and sharing our posts and your views.

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