Animal welfare education

Taking animal welfare to the next generation


World Animal Protection successfully concluded its animal welfare education session of 2014-15 for 24 teachers from 14 government schools across New Delhi, bringing animal welfare education to thousands of more children.

Our innovative program, First Concepts in Animal Welfare (FCAW), has been running in India since 2009 to make our future generations more compassionate and caring towards animals.

Every year, through our programme, teachers learn about the basic needs of every animal to be free from hunger and thirst, from fear and distress, from pain, injury and diseases, from discomfort, and to have the right to express natural behavior.

During the course, teachers learn about the importance of protecting animals not just in communities but also why wild animals need to be kept in the wild. With our educational resources, we enable thousands of teachers and students to adopt and practice animal friendly choices.

Once they complete our course, the teachers are empowered to decide on age-specific lessons and download our resources to use in the classroom to teach the students about animal welfare.

Over the last couple of years, 198 teachers from 77 schools in New Delhi have been trained on First concepts of animal welfare.

Nishant Gupta, our Education Officer said:

“Animal welfare materials were difficult to find before we developed our resources. Teachers who have undertaken the course with us highly recommend our educational packs."

"During my interaction with one of the school principal, he mentioned that teachers find our study material very useful. They are simple yet very informative. Best part of our course material being that for students from all ages can easily understand, learn and retain this knowledge for practical use."

"Teachers have reported that many students have come back to share their experiences on how they have been able to practically apply what they have learnt in classes. This just adds to the testimony of our programme being endorsed by UNESCO.”

If you are an elementary school teacher and interested to teach your class about animal welfare, you can write to Nishant for your basic animal welfare material/pack for students.

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