Farm animal welfare

We work with farmers to improve animal welfare and keep animals in an environment where they can behave naturally

We protect farm animals

A brown chicken nestled in a ditch in the grass

We protect farm animals

Humane animal farming is better for everyone. Animals live longer, healthier and more active lives. High welfare farming can be less damaging to the environment. And farmers can earn more too. So we work with governments, farmers and consumers all over the world – campaigning for farm animals and partnering with businesses to show that farming can be sustainable and profitable.

Farm animal welfare: our work


At World Animal Protection, we help companies and farmers to adopt farming methods without close confinement of animals, as these cause pain and distress. And we help to create conditions where animals are more able to express their natural behaviours, and move freely, which reduces the need for painful practices like tail docking (which is used to stop crowded pigs attacking each other in intensive farms).


Shift to ethical farming

Pig in hay

Ethical farming

Change is already happening. The use of barren battery cages which confine hens to a space smaller than the size of A4 paper, is being phased out by many companies that are switching to barn and free-range farming. In 2013, EU banned keeping of sows throughout pregnancy in stalls so cramped that they are unable to turn around. Want to help?

Sheep used for live export

Protect Farm Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is essential for the development of sustainable food systems and is of increasing importance to consumers across the world. Livestock are an important contributor to food security and livelihoods: they provide food, income and assets; contribute to crop production; and provide a social safety net for their owners.

Cage-free chickens

High Welfare Chicken Farming in Brazil

Did you know? Humane animal farming is better for everyone. Animals live longer, healthier and more active lives and farmers can earn more too. Discover how a new farming model is providing better animal welfare.