UK chicken broiler shed housing over 40000 birds

End Factory Farming

End Factory Farming

It's time to End Factory Farming

Factory farming is the largest source of animal cruelty in the world. Factory farming or intensive animal farming is the intense and confined farming of animals such as pigs, cows, and birds. Otherwise known as “concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs),” or “intensive animal agriculture,” factory farms are industrial facilities that raise large numbers of animals, mostly indoors, in conditions intended to maximize production at a minimal cost.

The majority of animals farmed for food live in conditions that cause suffering and stress. Treatment of farm animals is the world’s biggest animal welfare issue – and it’s getting bigger. By 2050, livestock production will be twice what it was in 2000. Right now, more than 70 billion animals are farmed for food each year – two-thirds in conditions that mean they can’t move freely or live naturally. Most of them live in appalling conditions and are not provided with good lives. When it comes to better treatment and welfare of farmed animals, the issue is mostly neglected because farm animals are considered to be products.

The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different.


Thousands of animals are tortured for food in the farming industry. Most of our consumption, be it meat, dairy or eggs come from immunologically compromised animals which are confined to cramped, unhygienic conditions and transported long distance without proper handling and care. Such farms are closely linked to other critical concerns, including zoonotic disease outbreaks, water pollution, overuse of antibiotics and development of antimicrobial resistance. The rate at which meat production and consumption is increasing might be devastating for our planet. It is time to rethink farming.

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