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Hear from the Real

Bringing you real life stories of people taking steps to transform global food system

Why do you need to hear from the real?


When people hear real-life stories, they tend to take more interest and get encouraged to take the required action. We will be bringing you more such encouragement with real-life stories from various individuals who will share their journey towards transforming the global food system in various ways. In addition, we will learn from these individuals about how we can contribute to building back better.


What are you going to hear about? The topics include but are not limited to the following:


  • How can you be part of a sustainable food system?
  • Problems of factory/intensive farming.
  • Benefits of plant-based foods through individuals.
  • What is antimicrobial resistance (AMR), its impacts on people, animals and the environment?


The current intensive farming and the global food system 


The current intensive farming system is a hurdle towards better ecosystems and its rich biodiversity. In contrast, the global food system is the biggest driver of the destruction of the natural world. We all are aware that the health of animals, people, plants, and the environment is interconnected. One Health is an approach that recognizes the interlinkage between people's health, the health of animals, and our shared environment.

We can transform our food system to be more sustainable and kinder to animals and significantly improve the overall health of animals and humans.

By making our voices heard, supporting high welfare, demanding stronger antibiotics regulations in farming, holding the companies accountable and eating more plant-based foods, we can continue to push for policies that protect animals, people, and the planet and move towards FOOD REVOLUTION.


Developing a sustainable food system 


World Animal Protection wants to develop sustainable food systems by increasing the demand for plant-based foods, reducing reliance on farmed animals, and making higher welfare production systems—with more space, fewer antibiotics, healthier growth, and more natural environments.

Are you with us?

Stay Tuned for #HearfromReal and learn about the lives of the people who contributed to Sustainable Food Systems.

A musician sharing her story of shifting to a plant based diet


Pooja Sharma, also known as Audio Cassette, shares her story of transitioning to a plant-based diet. She shares her experiences and motivational factors that made her kind towards animals. Farm animals like chickens, pigs and more are no different than our cats and dogs. They also deserve to live happily. There are alternatives to every animal product. All you need is to educate yourself, open your eyes and see that animals deserve to live better.

Harsha Doriya

Compassionate Moms sharing stories of adopting plant protein diet


We conducted an online event with STRAW to share stories from mothers to mothers on how they can be kind by adopting a plant protein diet over an animal protein diet and reduce animal protein consumption.

Harsha Doriya

Life with Antibiotics- A Conversation with Professionals


Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today. We conducted a live talk show with eminent professionals. Read more to know about this event.

It doesn't end here. The inspiration continues...

A discussion on the impacts of antibiotic use in people, animals and environment.


We conducted a live show on Facebook to make people aware about the issue of Antimicrobial Resistance and its impacts on people, animals, and the environment.

Harsha Doriya

The right plant-based diet for transformation


This is an inspiring story of Shubhashis Ghosh, who shared some amazing benefits he observed in his life in the last five years due to not having any Animal-based food. He has also been felicitated by Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar on the occasion of IDBI Kolkata Full Marathon 2019. He believes that the body becomes fit and energetic once you switch on to a Plant-based diet.

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A journey to plant-based lifestyle


Here you will read about Animal Lovers who switched to Plant-Based Lifestyle for their love of animals. They believe that a plant-based diet works for everyone if they are taking proper nutrition.

Harsha Doriya

Read More Inspiring Stories

A radiologist sharing her plant-based journey


Mounika Bindu Pogaku is a radiologist working in the northeast of English National Health Services (NHS), UK. On weekends, she volunteers for 'anonymous for voiceless' and works as a co-organiser for the Newcastle chapter. She has been a vegan for 5 years now. She says, " You just have to respect and value every life." Let's know more about her plant-based journey.

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Pregnancy on a plant-based diet


Shwetarani Muragod is an OBGyn (Obstetrics and gynaecology) based at Mahalingapur, Bagalkot, Karanataka, consuming a plant-based diet since 2018. She realized how cruel and abusive are factory farming systems and started her journey towards a plant-based diet. She had her one pregnancy on a plant-based diet and delivered a healthy baby. Let’s read her story in her own words.

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Stories of Change- How Plant based diet changed their lives?


We heard real-life stories from individuals who shared their encouraging journey to contribute to transforming the food system and building back better. We asked people how a plant-based diet/lifestyle has changed their lives, and they came up with splendid reasons to switch to a plant-based diet. Let’s get to know their stories - #HearfromReal

Harsha Doriya

Mr Dinesh Mohan - a senior age model and an animal lover also shared his views on Animal Welfare, Animals in Farming and Animals in Wildlife


Your small contribution can change farmed animals' lives

What do farmed animals deserve? The answer is --- 'Good Lives'

Head and shoulders shot of Dinesh Mohan