Hansen Thambi Prem Disasters Manager at World Animal Protection

Hansen Thambi Prem

Disaster Project Manager

Hi, I am Hansen Thambi Prem, Disasters Manager, World Animal Protection, India

Hansen has a master’s degree in social work with nearly 15 years of experience in managing programmes related to disaster management, sustainable livelihoods and environmental conservation. He is specialized in international humanitarian standards (Sphere, LEGS) and participatory approaches. Since the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, he has been working with the United Nations, Red Cross movement, government, and non-government organizations to protect disaster-affected communities (people and animals) in South Asia. Based in New Delhi as a Project Manager in World Animal Protection since 2011 Hansen has been managing several disaster response and risk reduction operations. He has presented papers in several international conferences. He is closely working with governments and international humanitarian stakeholders to integrate animals into their disaster management policies, plans, and programmes at all administrative levels.

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