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Sustainable Food System is the key to End Factory Farming

By increasing the demand for plant-based foods we can, in turn, reduce reliance on farmed animals and make higher welfare production systems—with more space, fewer antibiotics, healthier growth, and more natural environments—more feasible. We can transform our food system to be more sustainable and kinder to animals, and significantly improve the overall health of animals and humans. 

Demand High Welfare Standards , healthy chickens
The lives of billions of chickens can be transformed by implying High Welfare Standards i.e. healthier chickens raised in sheds with more space, natural light and stimulating features such as perches and hay bales.
More plant based food and fewer animal protein
A great way to continue helping farmed animals daily is to eat more plant foods and fewer animal proteins. The immense scale at which we are producing and consuming meat today has negative implications on our health and the planet.
farming and antibiotic resistance
Roughly three-quarters of all antibiotics sold each year are marketed for use in farm animals rather than humans. Antibiotics are used routinely to prop up low welfare practices on factory farms. Their overuse contributes to the rapid rise and spread of bacteria resistant to medicines used to fight infections.

Moving the world to eat less meat

Chickens on a higher welfare farm