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Open letter: 1 million wildlife advocates demand world leaders end global wildlife trade. Forever.


Over one lakh Indians demand to ban the trade of wild animals, urge Prime Minister Narendra Modi to give support. Globally, World Animal Protection has received the support of over one million people demanding G20 leaders to end wildlife trade forever.

New Delhi (16th November, 2020) – International animal welfare organisation, World Animal Protection has received overwhelming support from the people of India to put an end to wildlife trade. Over one lakh Indians have signed the petition, urging Prime Minister Narendra to support the call for a global ban on trade of wild animals, during the meeting of G20 leaders in Saudi Arabia, later this month.

World Animal Protection has also written to Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi to take note of the strong support from the people of India to the petition.

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Elephant at high welfare venue in Koh Lanta, Thailand - World Animal Protection

29-year-old elephant at high welfare venue in Koh Lanta, Thailand

In its letter, World Animal Protection states this – It is crucial that the G20 shows global leadership on the issue of COVID-19, by both bringing this current pandemic under control and taking steps to prevent future pandemics.

It must be noted that during the meetings of the G20 Agriculture ministers and G20 Environment ministers in September, on this important matter, a consensus was reached regarding commitments to pandemic prevention and preparedness and the link with wildlife. However, there was no joint communique from the ministers meeting and hence their deliberations and decisions were not made public.

Now World Animal Protection is urging the G20 leadership to include the commitment to pandemic prevention and preparedness with linkages to wildlife in their Leaders Communique after the summit.


Gajender K Sharma, Country Director, World Animal Protection India said:

“As we are moving closer to the G20 summit, we appeal to Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi and the Government of India to support the call for a global ban on wildlife trade.  The signatures of 1,00,220 Indian citizens is a reflection of the growing demand to give wild animals a better life.

India is an important member of G20 and its voice of support on this issue will push G20 nations to take this vital decision to end all wildlife trade.


Given that progress was made in the Ministers meeting on a commitment towards pandemic prevention and preparedness and the link with wildlife, it falls on the leaders of G20 to build on those commitments and make them public. We appeal to the G20 leaders, including Mr. Narendra Modi, to include these commitments in the official meeting communique and for the world to see.” Wild animals are traded for the purpose of our entertainment, for medicine and are treated as products. This cruel trade causes the suffering of millions of animals and endangers the health of people with pandemics like COVID-19. It also has a terrible impact on our environment.

World Animal Protection has also requested World Health Organisation to permanently ban all wildlife markets around the globe in the wake of coronavirus pandemic and to take a highly precautionary approach to the wildlife trade. The aggravated risk to human health caused from close contact to wild animals in the wildlife trade and in entertainment can no longer be ignored.

Recently, a new report from World Animal Protection also exposed the dismal conditions of elephants at entertainment venues in India and alarming elephant tourism trends across Asia. These trends are expected to get worse as venues try to fill the income shortfall following COVID-19. 

In India, World Animal Protection is working to phase out elephant rides at the Amer Fort in Jaipur, where over 100 elephants are providing daily rides to thousands of tourists.

An open letter on behalf of you all

We’ve written an open letter to G20 leaders on behalf of all 1,186,079 of you, and are encouraging as many people as possible to share it ahead of the G20 Leaders’ Summit which begins in just five days.

Dear G20 leaders,   

I stand with one million people around the world calling on you to do the right thing and end the global wildlife trade. Forever.  

As we all continue to suffer through the Covid-19 pandemic, which we know resulted from the cruel treatment of wild animals, we can no longer ignore the devastating effect the commercial global wildlife trade is having on our health, our economy and our planet.  

Time is running out for wildlife, as the legal and illegal wildlife trade continues to profit from the suffering of millions of wild animals – while putting us all at risk.   

You can make one good thing come out of 2020.  

Make a commitment at the G20 Leaders’ Summit, November 21-22, to tackle the cruel global trade in wild animals, safeguard us from future pandemics, to protect wildlife, people and the world we all share.  

I am one of a million people who cared enough to add my signature to the petition to end the global wildlife trade. We now need you, our global leaders, to care too.   


1 million wildlife advocates 

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If you haven’t signed the petition yet, you can add your name below to help protect millions of vulnerable wild animals. 

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G20 global leaders: You can make one good thing come out of 2020. 

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