It's never too late to make a resolution for animals


The New Year is a time to make changes, but resolutions can be very difficult to stick to. Whether or not you've kept to your commitments so far, it's never too late to help move the world for animals

Animals can’t make New Year’s resolutions to transform their own lives. Yet we can help stop this needless cruelty.

Every year, billions of animals worldwide suffer needlessly. Chickens are factory farmed in appalling conditions, stray dogs are culled in misguided attempts to tackle rabies, and elephants are beaten so they will take tourists for rides.

Animals can’t make New Year’s resolutions to transform their own lives. Yet we can help stop this needless cruelty by supporting a campaign, making small lifestyle changes, or asking simple questions.

Here are six great ways you can help us make a difference for animals with us in 2017

1. Protect dairy animals in India

Up to 50 million dairy animals are suffering every day in unacceptable conditions on dairy farms; with millions kept in illegal local dairies located in our cities and suburbs (known as urban and peri-urban dairies). You can change that. Sign the petition today!

2. Don’t support entertainment that harms animals 

Your choices on holiday have the power to reduce demand for cruel attractions and save animal lives. We've put together some tips to help you and your friends make informed decisions about animal experiences on your holiday. Read our tips for animal friendly travel

3. Ask where your food comes from

Do you know whether the chicken, cow or pig you ate was raised humanely? How often do you ask where the food you buy or order comes from? Research we commissioned last year revealed that of those polled who ate chicken, seven out of ten (71%) never ask where their chicken comes from. Asking whether the food you eat was brought up on factory farms or in cruel cage systems, and making better choices, helps puts pressure on the food industry to change.

4. Give animals a voice

Animals don't have a voice, but you can lend them yours. From telling a friend about the realities behind factory farming, to filling in a feedback form at your local supermarket, you can speak up for animals. You can also sign the Universal Declaration for Animal Welfare.

5. Create change for chickens

Forced to live in horrific conditions, billions of chickens across the world experience unbearable suffering during their short, miserable lives. We believe industry can help change this, so we’re challenging KFC to commit to criteria which will see slower growing birds with more space, litter and natural light to allow for a better quality of life. Support our campaign to create Change for chickens.

6. Keep up to date and help spread the word

Learn more about animals, the latest issues that impact them and what we’re doing to move the world to protect animals by signing up to receive our newsletter or by liking our Facebook page.

How will you commit to help animals in 2017?