Animals in food systems

The majority of animals farmed for food live in conditions that cause suffering and stress. It’s time to rethink farming.

By 2050, livestock production will be twice what it was in 2000. Right now, more than 70 billion animals are farmed for food each year – two-thirds in conditions that mean they can’t move freely or live naturally. We campaign for progress at every stage – from farming to transportation to slaughter. And we know change is possible.

  • We move governments and global bodies to improve regulations to protect animals.
  • We influence debates that will shape the future of world farming.
  • We partner with food businesses to change the way they work and protect animals.
  • We work with farmers to demonstrate practical and affordable ways to protect animals.
  • We encourage people to reduce their meat consumption and choose food produced in line with high welfare standards.

By supporting our campaigns, you can help improve the lives of billions of farm animals around the world - and the well-being of humans and our planet, too.

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Our campaigns

Factory farming is the largest source of animal cruelty in the world. Factory farming or intensive animal farming is the intense and confined farming of animals such as pigs, cows, and birds. The majority of animals farmed for food live in conditions that cause suffering and stress.
Chickens on a farm in Kenya
Chickens are the most abused animals in the world and billions of them are suffering daily. They deserve better. You might ask – ‘why should I care about the suffering of chickens?’. The straight answer is – you should.
calf tethered with a rope
Cows and buffaloes deserve a better life. We can make it happen. An estimated 50 million dairy animals suffer every day in India and a significant number of these suffer the worst cruelty as they live in unacceptable conditions in these urban and peri-urban dairies.
eat less meat
A great way to continue helping farmed animals daily is to eat more plant foods and fewer animal proteins. But, unfortunately, the immense scale at which we produce and consume meat today has negative implications on our health and the planet.
chickens in factory farming
Roughly three-quarters of all antibiotics sold each year are marketed for use in farm animals rather than humans. People are dying. Antibiotics are becoming ineffective. What's happening? Check out this page to know more.
Ever wondered what lifelong isolation looks like? Poor chickens who have become mere sources of business and food to this cruel world live it every day until dead but, we can still help them. Your one-minute signup can give them a better life. ACT NOW!

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The White Truth
This report is a repository of the work done by World Animal Protection in India to improve the lives of dairy animals. It reflects upon the current situation, the methods adopted to bring change and the way forward for dairy companies to build a sustainable business model, which keeps the welfare of animals at its core.
Superbacteriën vormen wereldwijd gevaar voor volksgezondheid
Read More about Factory Farming and the rise of Superbugs. Factory Farming is clearly destructive, reliant on appalling animal suffering, worker hardship and misuse of our planet's resources.
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